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Version: v1.4


Cloud services are important components of your application, and KubeVela allows you to provision and consume them in a consistent experience.

How Does KubeVela Manage Cloud Services?#

In KubeVela, the needed cloud services are claimed as components in an application, and consumed via Service Binding Trait by other components.

Does KubeVela Talk to the Clouds?#

KubeVela relies on Terraform Controller or Crossplane as providers to talk to the clouds. Please check the documentations below for detailed steps.

Can a Instance of Cloud Services be Shared by Multiple Applications?#

Yes. Though we currently defer this to providers so by default the cloud service instances are not shared and dedicated per Application. A workaround for now is you could use a separate Application to declare the cloud service only, then other Application can consume it via service binding trait in a shared approach.

In the future, we are considering making this part as a standard feature of KubeVela so you could claim whether a given cloud service component should be shared or not.

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