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Version: v1.0

Configuring data/env in Application

vela provides a config command to manage config data.

vela config set#

$ vela config set test a=b c=d
reading existing config data and merging with user input
config data saved successfully ✅

vela config get#

$ vela config get test
a: b
c: d

vela config del#

$ vela config del test
config (test) deleted successfully

vela config ls#

$ vela config set test a=b
$ vela config set test2 c=d
$ vela config ls

Configure env in application#

The config data can be set as the env in applications.

$ vela config set demo DEMO_HELLO=helloworld

Save the following to vela.yaml in current directory:

name: testapp
image: heroku/nodejs-hello-world
config: demo

Then run:

$ vela up
Parsing vela.yaml ...
Loading templates ...
Rendering configs for service (env-config-demo)...
Writing deploy config to (.vela/deploy.yaml)
Applying deploy configs ...
Checking if app has been deployed...
App has not been deployed, creating a new deployment...
✅ App has been deployed 🚀🚀🚀
Port forward: vela port-forward testapp
SSH: vela exec testapp
Logging: vela logs testapp
App status: vela status testapp
Service status: vela status testapp --svc env-config-demo

Check env var:

$ vela exec testapp -- printenv | grep DEMO_HELLO
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