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Version: v1.0

Want More?

Components in KubeVela are designed to be brought by users.

Check below documentations about how to bring your own components to the system in various approaches.

  • Helm - Helm chart is a natural form of component, note that you need to have a valid Helm repository (e.g. GitHub repo or a Helm hub) to host the chart in this case.
  • CUE - CUE is powerful approach to encapsulate a component and it doesn't require any repository.
  • Simple Template - Not a Helm or CUE expert? A simple template approach is also provided to define any Kubernetes API resource as a component. Note that only key-value style parameters are supported in this case.
  • Cloud Services - KubeVela allows you to declare cloud services as part of the application and provision them in consistent API.
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