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Version: v1.1

Install kubectl plugin

Install vela kubectl plugin can help you to ship applications more easily!


You can install kubectl plugin kubectl vela by:

  1. Install and set up Krew on your machine.
  2. Discover plugins available on Krew:
kubectl krew update
  1. install kubectl vela:
kubectl krew install vela


$ kubectl vela -h
A Highly Extensible Platform Engine based on Kubernetes and Open Application Model.

kubectl vela [flags]
kubectl vela [command]

Available Commands:

-h, --help help for vela

dry-run Dry Run an application, and output the K8s resources as
result to stdout, only CUE template supported for now
live-diff Dry-run an application, and do diff on a specific app
revison. The provided capability definitions will be used
during Dry-run. If any capabilities used in the app are not
found in the provided ones, it will try to find from
show Show the reference doc for a workload type or trait
version Prints out build version information

Use "kubectl vela [command] --help" for more information about a command.