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Version: v1.1


Cloud services are important components of your application, and KubeVela allows you to provision and consume them in a consistent experience.

How Does KubeVela Manage Cloud Services?

In KubeVela, the needed cloud services are claimed as components in an application, and consumed via Service Binding Trait by other components.

Does KubeVela Talk to the Clouds?

KubeVela relies on Terraform Controller or Crossplane as providers to talk to the clouds. Please check the documentations below for detailed steps.

Can a Instance of Cloud Services be Shared by Multiple Applications?

Yes. Though we currently defer this to providers so by default the cloud service instances are not shared and dedicated per Application. A workaround for now is you could use a separate Application to declare the cloud service only, then other Application can consume it via service binding trait in a shared approach.

In the future, we are considering making this part as a standard feature of KubeVela so you could claim whether a given cloud service component should be shared or not.