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Version: v1.1


Date: 2021-10-01 to 2021-12-30

Core Platform

  1. Support multi-cluster rollout and multi-version deployment.
  2. Improve cloud resource provisioning support on Alibaba and AWS.
  3. Support application observability: collect and show log and metrics in Grafana.

User Experience

  1. Enhance Dashboard to improve KubeVela experience on app delivery workflow, lifecycle management, addon center, etc.
  2. Release APIServer for REST API integration.
  3. Align vela CLI with the new features: workflow and env.
  4. Support vela doctor command to help diagnose user issues and collect bug trace.

Third-party integrations

  1. Provide OpenYurt integration to improve IoT/edge experience.
  2. Provide ArgoCD integration to improve GitOps experience.