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Version: v1.3

Air-gapped Installation

Air-gapped Installation of KubeVela includes the installation of KubeVela core and addons, they all contain the configuration files and images.

KubeVela Core

  • Download Helm Chart package of vela-core

Download vela-core Helm Chart package per Install KubeVela Core and unarchive it.

  • Modify images which can be configurable

Pull the following images and push them into an image repository in the dedicated environment. Overwrite each image's information with -set when installing by helm install.

$  kubevela git:(master) grep -r repository charts/vela-core/values.yaml -A 1
charts/vela-core/values.yaml: repository: oamdev/vela-core
charts/vela-core/values.yaml- tag: latest
charts/vela-core/values.yaml: repository: oamdev/kube-webhook-certgen
charts/vela-core/values.yaml- tag: v2.3
charts/vela-core/values.yaml: repository: oamdev/cluster-gateway
charts/vela-core/values.yaml- tag: v1.1.7
charts/vela-core/values.yaml: repository: oamdev/hello-world
charts/vela-core/values.yaml- tag: v1
charts/vela-core/values.yaml: repository: oamdev/alpine-k8s
charts/vela-core/values.yaml- tag: 1.18.2
  • Modify images which could not be configurable

The value enableFluxcdAddon indicates whether to enable Addon FluxCD by default. If it is true, the following images have to be pulled and pushed into an image repository in the dedicated environment in advance. Overwrite each image's information in the following YAML files.

$  kubevela git:(master) grep -r -i image: charts/vela-core/templates/addon
charts/vela-core/templates/addon/fluxcd.yaml: image: fluxcd/helm-controller:v0.11.1
charts/vela-core/templates/addon/fluxcd.yaml: image: fluxcd/image-automation-controller:v0.14.0
charts/vela-core/templates/addon/fluxcd.yaml: image: fluxcd/image-reflector-controller:v0.11.0
charts/vela-core/templates/addon/fluxcd.yaml: image: fluxcd/kustomize-controller:v0.13.1
charts/vela-core/templates/addon/fluxcd.yaml: image: fluxcd/source-controller:v0.15.3

$ kubevela git:(master) grep -r -i image: charts/vela-core --exclude-dir=charts/vela-core/templates/addon | grep -v .Values
charts/vela-core/templates/defwithtemplate/nocalhost.yaml: image: ""
  • Repackage vela-core Helm Chart

Repackage the Helm Chart package from the modified chart. Install it directly or install it from a dedicated Helm Chart repository after you pushed the package into the repository.


Please refer to Enable Addon without Internet Access.