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Version: v1.3

User Improvement Plan

Welcome to join the "User Improvement Plan"! To improve the KubeVela open source product, avoid bugs and improve the product quality, we need to collect some of your system and usage information.

We will use these data to guide us to improve the installation, user experience and performance. That can also help us to make more decision about features and designs.

Please read the "User Improvement Plan" carefully, if you don't want to join this plan, just click the quit button in the bottom. This won't block you to use any features about the product.

Under the plan, we're going to collect the information including:

  • System Information: it includes version of KubeVela and Kubernetes, IP address, timezone, region, etcd.
  • Operate Behavior Information: it includes which addon installed, the installation process, error info, cluster numbers, application numbers and types, etc.

We promise the data collected can only be used to improve the product user experience and help up to make feature design and decisions.

We're possible to modify this plan as the product growth, but we will update the plan and notify users about the updates. If you choose to use our service, that means you have agreed our plan and the modification.

Thanks for your support!

Last updated on by Jianbo Sun