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Version: v1.1


Date: 2021-10-01 to 2021-12-30

Core Platform#

  1. Support multi-cluster rollout and multi-version deployment.
  2. Improve cloud resource provisioning support on Alibaba and AWS.
  3. Support application observability: collect and show log and metrics in Grafana.

User Experience#

  1. Enhance Dashboard to improve KubeVela experience on app delivery workflow, lifecycle management, addon center, etc.
  2. Release APIServer for REST API integration.
  3. Align vela CLI with the new features: workflow and env.
  4. Support vela doctor command to help diagnose user issues and collect bug trace.

Third-party integrations#

  1. Provide OpenYurt integration to improve IoT/edge experience.
  2. Provide ArgoCD integration to improve GitOps experience.
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