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Version: v1.2

Install Addon

You can get more capabilities from KubeVela ecosystem by installing addons.

List Addons#

By default, the following command lists addons from a default addon registry ( maintained by KubeVela team.

$ vela addon list
terraform Terraform Controller is a Kubernetes Controller for Terraform. disabled
velaux The KubeVela User Experience (UX ). Dashboard Designed as an extensible, application-oriented delivery and management control panel. disabled
ocm-cluster-manager ocm-cluster-manager can deploy an OCM hub cluster environment. disabled
fluxcd Extended workload to do continuous and progressive delivery disabled
terraform-aws Kubernetes Terraform Controller for AWS disabled
observability An out of the box solution for KubeVela observability disabled
terraform-alibaba Kubernetes Terraform Controller for Alibaba Cloud disabled
terraform-azure Kubernetes Terraform Controller for Azure disabled

Install Addon#

$ vela addon enable fluxcd
I0111 21:45:24.553174 89345 apply.go:106] "creating object" name="addon-fluxcd" resource=", Kind=Application"
I0111 21:45:25.258914 89345 apply.go:106] "creating object" name="helm" resource=", Kind=ComponentDefinition"
I0111 21:45:25.342731 89345 apply.go:106] "creating object" name="kustomize-json-patch" resource=", Kind=TraitDefinition"
I0111 21:45:25.382201 89345 apply.go:106] "creating object" name="kustomize-patch" resource=", Kind=TraitDefinition"
I0111 21:45:25.411723 89345 apply.go:106] "creating object" name="kustomize" resource=", Kind=ComponentDefinition"
I0111 21:45:25.625815 89345 apply.go:106] "creating object" name="kustomize-strategy-merge" resource=", Kind=TraitDefinition"
I0111 21:45:25.660129 89345 apply.go:106] "creating object" name="component-uischema-helm" resource="/v1, Kind=ConfigMap"
Addon: fluxcd enabled Successfully.

You can view the new component or trait types added by vela component or vela trait. You can also find more details about built-in addon docs.

Uninstall Addon#

Please make sure this addon along with the capabilities is no longer used in any of your applications.

$ vela addon disable fluxcd
Successfully disable addon:fluxcd

List Registry#

$ vela addon registry list
Name Type URL
KubeVela OSS

Add Registry#

$ vela addon registry add experimental --type OSS --endpoint= --path=experimental/
Successfully add an addon registry experimental

Delete Registry#

$ vela addon registry delete experimental
Successfully delete an addon registry experimental

Make your own addon#

Refer to extension documents to learn how to make your own addon and registry.

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