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Make shipping applications more enjoyable.

KubeVela 是什么?

KubeVela is a modern application platform that makes deploying and managing applications across today's hybrid, multi-cloud environments easier and faster.

KubeVela is runtime agnostic, natively extensible, yet most importantly, application-centric .

what is kubevela
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Application Centric

Leveraging Open Application Model (OAM), KubeVela introduces consistent yet higher level API to capture a full deployment of microservices on top of hybrid environments. Placement strategy, traffic shifting and rolling update are declared at application level. No infrastructure level concern, simply deploy.

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Natively Extensible

KubeVela uses CUE to glue capabilities (e.g. workload types, operational behaviors, and cloud services) provided by runtime infrastructure and expose them to users via self-service API. When users' needs grow, these API can naturally expand in programmable approach. No restriction, fully flexible.

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Runtime Agnostic

KubeVela is built with Kubernetes as control plane but adaptable to any runtime as data-plane. It can deploy (and manage) diverse workload types such as container, cloud functions, databases, or even EC2 instances across hybrid environments. Also, this means KubeVela seamlessly works with any Kubernetes compatible CI/CD or GitOps tools via declarative API.