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Version: v1.9

vela up

Deploy one application.


Deploy one application

Deploy one application based on local files or re-deploy an existing application. With the -n/--namespace flag, you can choose the location of the target application.

To apply application from file, use the -f/--file flag to specify the application file location.

To give a particular version to this deploy, use the -v/--publish-version flag. When you are deploying an existing application, the version name must be different from the current name. You can also use a history revision for the deploy and override the current application by using the -r/--revision flag.

vela up


  # Deploy an application from file
vela up -f ./app.yaml

# Deploy an application with a version name
vela up example-app -n example-ns --publish-version beta

# Deploy an application using existing revision
vela up example-app -n example-ns --publish-version beta --revision example-app-v2

# Deploy an application with specified shard-id assigned. This can be used to manually re-schedule application.
vela up example-app --shard-id shard-1

# Deploy an application from stdin
cat <<EOF | vela up -f -
... <app.yaml here> ...


      --debug                    Enable debug mode for application
-e, --env string The environment name for the CLI request
-f, --file string The file path for appfile or application. It could be a remote url.
-h, --help help for up
-n, --namespace string If present, the namespace scope for this CLI request
-v, --publish-version string The publish version for deploying application.
-r, --revision string The revision to use for deploying the application, if empty, the current application configuration will be used.
-s, --shard-id string The shard id assigned to the application. If empty, it will not be used.
--timeout string Set the timout for wait app to be healthy, if not specified, the default duration is 300s. (default "300s")
-w, --wait Wait app to be healthy until timout, if no timeout specified, the default duration is 300s.

Options inherited from parent commands

  -V, --verbosity Level   number for the log level verbosity
-y, --yes Assume yes for all user prompts


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