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Expose Application for Public Access

Expose your application for public access

You can configure your application for public access.

There're mainly three ways to expose your service.

  1. Choose webservice Type and configure the service type to be LoadBalancer or NodePort.
  2. Configure gateway trait, it works for webservice, worker and task component types. gateway trait must configure a domain and works only for HTTP/HTTPs protocols.
  3. Case by case component configurations.

Expose service for webservice typed component

You can modify ExposeType to choose the way, and you should configure the Service Ports to listen the ports and turn on the Expose radio.


Add gateway trait

The gateway trait requires you have Ingress Controller available in your cluster. You can add this trait to expose your service and configure a domain.


As the picture shows, the Domain field configure your domain, please configure your DNS for domain to route to the Kubernetes cluster gateway IP.

In the Http section, you can configure the routing rules. For example, set /:80 means the domain index page will route to the port 80. You can configure this rule as you need.

Other component types can also be able to configure the service expose, but they're usually case by case, especially for helm charts.

Get the service endpoint

After the application deployed with service exposed configuration, you can see a Service Endpoint button on the left of the Recycle button. You'll see the endpoint when hover your mouse there.

service endpoint

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