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Roadmap 2023.03

Date: 2023-01-01 to 2023-03-31

Core Platform

  • Support KubeVela Dynamic API in vela-prism. It will allow user to make integration with third-party APIs easily, with the use of CUE templates.
  • Upgrade CUE execution engine in KubeVela and allow user to integrate customized function providers and manage CUE templates into modules.
  • Support take-over policy, allowing user to adopt existing Kubernetes resources to KubeVela applications.
  • Support read-only policy, allowing user to attach traits and extra capabilities (like observability) to existing resources, on top of the application model.
  • Upgrade HealthScope controller which helps users to continuously track the status of applications.
  • Support metadata backup and migration for data recovery of the control plane.
  • Conduct load-testing experiments in multi-cluster scenario and conclude recommend settings and optimization techniques.

Third-party integrations and more addons

  • Integrate tracing and alerting tools into observability addons.

Best practices

  • Provide one or more best practices about how to use KubeVela in game/delivery/monitoring scenario.