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Version: v1.4

Vela prism


vela addon enable vela-prism


vela addon disable vela-prism


Prism provides API Extensions to the core KubeVela. It works as a Kubernetes Aggregated API Server.




The vela-prism is an apiserver which leverages the Kubernetes Aggregated API capability to provide native interface for users.


The original ResourceTracker in KubeVela is one kind of cluster-scoped resource (for some history reasons), which makes it hard for cluster administrator to assign privilege. The ApplicationResourceTracker is a kind of namespace-scoped resource, which works as a delegator to the original ResourceTracker. It does not need extra storages but can project requests to ApplicationResourceTracker to underlying ResourceTrackers. Therefore, it is possible for cluster administrator to assign ApplicationResourceTracker permissions to users.

After installing vela-prism in your cluster, you can run kubectl get apprt to view ResourceTrackers.


In vela-prism, Cluster API is also introduced which works as a delegator to the ClusterGateway object. The original ClusterGateway object contains the credential information. This makes the exposure of ClusterGateway access can be dangerous. The Cluster object provided in prism, on the other hand, only expose metadata of clusters to accessor. Therefore, the credential information will be secured and the user can also use the API to access the cluster list.

After installing vela-prism in your cluster, you can run kubectl get vela-clusters to view all the installed clusters.

Notice that the vela-prism bootstrap parameter contains --storage-namespace, which identifies the underlying namespace for storing cluster secrets and the OCM managed cluster.

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