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Version: v1.7

vela cluster join

join managed cluster.


join managed cluster by kubeconfig.

vela cluster join [KUBECONFIG] [flags]


# Join cluster declared in my-child-cluster.kubeconfig
> vela cluster join my-child-cluster.kubeconfig --name example-cluster


      --create-namespace string   Specifies the namespace need to create in managedCluster (default "vela-system")
-t, --engine string Specify the cluster management engine. If empty, it will use cluster-gateway cluster management solution. Default to be empty. (default "cluster-gateway")
-h, --help help for join
--in-cluster-boostrap If true, the registering managed cluster will use the internal endpoint prescribed in the hub cluster's configmap "kube-public/cluster-info to register "itself to the hub cluster. Otherwise use the original endpoint from the hub kubeconfig. (default true)
-n, --name string Specify the cluster name. If empty, it will use the cluster name in config file. Default to be empty.

Options inherited from parent commands

  -y, --yes   Assume yes for all user prompts


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