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Version: v1.8



Create a DC/OS Bootstrap instance and have conditional DC/OS prereqs for gcp



bootstrap_subnetwork_nameInstance Subnetwork Nametrue
cluster_nameName of the DC/OS clustertrue
dcos_instance_osOperating system to use. Instead of using your own AMI you could use a provided OS.false
disk_sizeDisk Size in GBtrue
disk_typeDisk Type to Leverage The GCE disk type. Can be either 'pd-ssd', 'local-ssd', or 'pd-standard'. (optional)true
hostname_formatFormat the hostname inputs are index+1, region, cluster_namefalse
imageSource image to boot fromtrue
labelsAdd custom labels to all resourcesmapfalse
machine_typeInstance Typetrue
name_prefixName Prefixfalse
num_bootstrapSpecify the amount of bootstrap. You should have at most 1false
public_ssh_keySSH Public Keytrue
scheduling_preemptibleDeploy instance with preemptible schedulingfalse
ssh_userSSH Usertrue
tagsAdd custom tags to all resourceslistfalse
user_dataUser data to be used on these instances (cloud-init)false
writeConnectionSecretToRefThe secret which the cloud resource connection will be written towriteConnectionSecretToReffalse
zone_listElement by zone listlistfalse


nameThe secret name which the cloud resource connection will be written tostringtrue
namespaceThe secret namespace which the cloud resource connection will be written tostringfalse