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Version: v1.8


Date: 2021-01-01 to 2021-03-30

Core Platform

  • Add Application object as the deployment unit applied to k8s control plane.
    • The new Application object will handle CUE template rendering on the server side. So the appfile would be translated to Application object directly without doing client side rendering.
    • CLI/UI will be updated to replace ApplicationConfiguration and Component objects with Application object.
  • Integrate Terraform as one of the core templating engines so that platform builders can add Terraform modules as Workloads/Traits into KubeVela.
  • Re-architect API Server to have clean API and storage layer as designed.
  • Automatically sync Catalog server and display packages information as designed.
  • Add Rollout CRD to do native Workload and Application level application rollout management.
  • Support intermediate store (e.g. ConfigMap) and JSON patch operations in data input/output.

User Experience

  • Rewrite dashboard to support up-to-date Vela object model.
    • Support dynamic form rendering based on OpenAPI schema generated from Definition objects.
    • Support displaying pages of applications, capabilities, catalogs.
  • Automatically generate reference docs for capabilities and support displaying them in CLI/UI devtools.

Third-party integrations

  • Integrate with S2I (Source2Image) tooling like Derrick to enable more developer-friendly workflow in appfile.
  • Integrate with Dapr to enable end-to-end microservice application development and deployment workflow.