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Version: v1.8

Roadmap 2022.06

Date: 2022-04-01 to 2022-06-31

Core Platform

  • Enhance the global security of app delivery.

    • Support multi-cluster authentication and authorization for both KubeVela Controller and VelaUX.
    • Enhance the security of KubeVela controller.
  • Support observability for application delivery process.

    • Provide application topology from VelaUX and CLI.
    • Provide pod level resource status for helm chart and any Kubernetes CRD resources in topology.
  • Support flexible workflow capability.

    • Condition for workflow step, such as if always.
    • Sub-steps for concurrency deployment.

User Experience

  • Release VelaD project greatly improve the efficiency of installation, deployment, and usage.
  • VelaUX improve the extensible components/traits/policies/workflow-steps integration in UI to provide UI editor for definitions.

Third-party integrations and more addons

  • Provide ArgoCD integration to improve GitOps experience, that'll be alternative to FluxCD addon.
  • Provide OpenKruise Rollout for better rollout.

Best practices

  • Provide one or more best practices about how to deploy and compose cloud resources with KubeVela.