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Version: v1.8

Roadmap 2022.12

Date: 2022-10-01 to 2022-12-31

Core Platform

  • Support Iot/Edge Application Delivery:
  • Support adopt existing workload such as Deployment/StatefulSet and CRD controllers, manage it by KubeVela Application.
  • Support application template and build application registry along with addon registry. Provide application export/load capability.
  • Support build application from source code for developer and use OCI infrastructure to delivery application.
  • Enhance the security for end to end application delivery and management.
  • Make automated out-of-box application level observability for more scenarios.
  • Enhance the input/output capability for Component and Workflow.

Third-party integrations and more addons

  • Integrate with OPA/Kyverno/Cosign and other projects to provide a secure software supply chain.
  • Integrate with OpenSergo for micro services governance.
  • Integrate with OpenYurt for Iot/edge application delivery.

Best practices

  • Provide one or more best practices about how to use KubeVela in game/financial/edge scenario.