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AWS Eks-External-Dns



argo_application_enabledIf set to true, the module will be deployed as ArgoCD application, otherwise it will be deployed as a Helm releaseboolfalse
argo_application_use_helmIf set to true, the ArgoCD Application manifest will be deployed using Kubernetes provider as a Helm release. Otherwise it'll be deployed as a Kubernetes manifest. See Readme for more infoboolfalse
argo_application_valuesValue overrides to use when deploying argo application object with helmfalse
argo_destionation_serverDestination server for ArgoCD Applicationstringfalse
argo_infoArgoCD info manifest parameterfalse
argo_namespaceNamespace to deploy ArgoCD application CRD tostringfalse
argo_projectArgoCD Application projectstringfalse
argo_sync_policyArgoCD syncPolicy manifest parameterfalse
cluster_identity_oidc_issuerThe OIDC Identity issuer for the clusterstringtrue
cluster_identity_oidc_issuer_arnThe OIDC Identity issuer ARN for the cluster that can be used to associate IAM roles with a service accountstringtrue
enabledVariable indicating whether deployment is enabledboolfalse
helm_chart_nameHelm chart name to be installedstringfalse
helm_chart_versionVersion of the Helm chartstringfalse
helm_create_namespaceWhether to create k8s namespace with name defined by k8s_namespaceboolfalse
helm_release_nameHelm release namestringfalse
helm_repo_urlHelm repositorystringfalse
k8s_assume_role_arnAssume role arn. Assume role must be enabled.false
k8s_assume_role_enabledWhether IRSA is allowed to assume role defined by k8s_assume_role_arn. Useful for hosted zones in another AWS account.boolfalse
k8s_irsa_additional_policiesMap of the additional policies to be attached to default role. Where key is arbiraty id and value is policy
k8s_irsa_policy_enabledWhether to create opinionated policy to allow operations on specified zones in policy_allowed_zone_ids.boolfalse
k8s_irsa_role_createWhether to create IRSA role and annotate service accountboolfalse
k8s_irsa_role_name_prefixThe IRSA role name prefix for prometheusstringfalse
k8s_namespaceThe K8s namespace in which the external-dns will be installedstringfalse
k8s_rbac_createWhether to create and use RBAC resourcesboolfalse
k8s_service_account_createWhether to create Service Accountboolfalse
k8s_service_account_nameThe k8s external-dns service account namefalse
policy_allowed_zone_idsList of the Route53 zone ids for service account IAM role accesslist(string)false
settingsAdditional settings which will be passed to the Helm chart values, see
tagsAWS resources tagsmap(string)false
valuesAdditional yaml encoded values which will be passed to the Helm chart, see
writeConnectionSecretToRefThe secret which the cloud resource connection will be written towriteConnectionSecretToReffalse


nameThe secret name which the cloud resource connection will be written tostringtrue
namespaceThe secret namespace which the cloud resource connection will be written tostringfalse