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apply_immediatelySpecifies whether any cluster modifications are applied immediately, or during the next maintenance windowboolfalse
audit_log_enabledEnables audit logging. User management action made using JMX or the ActiveMQ Web Console is loggedboolfalse
auto_minor_version_upgradeEnables automatic upgrades to new minor versions for brokers, as Apache releases the versionsboolfalse
deployment_modeThe deployment mode of the broker. Supported: SINGLE_INSTANCE and ACTIVE_STANDBY_MULTI_AZstringfalse
encryption_enabledFlag to enable/disable Amazon MQ encryption at restboolfalse
engine_typeType of broker engine, ActiveMQ or RabbitMQstringfalse
engine_versionThe version of the broker engine. See for more detailsstringfalse
general_log_enabledEnables general logging via CloudWatchboolfalse
host_instance_typeThe broker's instance type. e.g. mq.t2.micro or mq.m4.largestringfalse
kms_mq_key_arnARN of the AWS KMS key used for Amazon MQ encryptionstringfalse
kms_ssm_key_arnARN of the AWS KMS key used for SSM encryptionstringfalse
maintenance_day_of_weekThe maintenance day of the week. e.g. MONDAY, TUESDAY, or WEDNESDAYstringfalse
maintenance_time_of_dayThe maintenance time, in 24-hour format. e.g. 02:00stringfalse
maintenance_time_zoneThe maintenance time zone, in either the Country/City format, or the UTC offset format. e.g. CETstringfalse
mq_admin_passwordAdmin passwordstringfalse
mq_admin_userAdmin usernamestringfalse
mq_application_passwordApplication passwordstringfalse
mq_application_userApplication usernamestringfalse
overwrite_ssm_parameterWhether to overwrite an existing SSM parameterboolfalse
publicly_accessibleWhether to enable connections from applications outside of the VPC that hosts the broker's subnetsboolfalse
security_group_descriptionThe Security Group description.stringfalse
security_group_enabledWhether to create Security Group.boolfalse
security_group_rulesA list of maps of Security Group rules. \nThe values of map is fully complated with aws_security_group_rule resource. \nTo get more info see .\nlist(any)false
security_group_use_name_prefixWhether to create a default Security Group with unique name beginning with the normalized prefix.boolfalse
security_groupsA list of Security Group IDs to associate with AmazonMQ.list(string)false
ssm_parameter_name_formatSSM parameter name formatstringfalse
ssm_pathSSM pathstringfalse
subnet_idsList of VPC subnet IDslist(string)true
use_aws_owned_keyBoolean to enable an AWS owned Key Management Service (KMS) Customer Master Key (CMK) for Amazon MQ encryption that is not in your accountboolfalse
vpc_idVPC ID to create the broker instringtrue
writeConnectionSecretToRefThe secret which the cloud resource connection will be written towriteConnectionSecretToReffalse


nameThe secret name which the cloud resource connection will be written tostringtrue
namespaceThe secret namespace which the cloud resource connection will be written tostringfalse