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vela def init

Init a new definition


Init a new definition with given arguments or interactively

  • We support parsing a single YAML file (like kubernetes objects) into the cue-style template. However, we do not support variables in YAML file currently, which prevents users from directly feeding files like helm chart directly. We may introduce such features in the future.
vela def init DEF_NAME [flags]


# Command below initiate an empty TraitDefinition named my-ingress
> vela def init my-ingress -t trait --desc "My ingress trait definition." > ./my-ingress.cue
# Command below initiate a definition named my-def interactively and save it to ./my-def.cue
> vela def init my-def -i --output ./my-def.cue
# Command below initiate a ComponentDefinition named my-webservice with the template parsed from ./template.yaml.
> vela def init my-webservice -i --template-yaml ./template.yaml
# Initiate a Terraform ComponentDefinition named vswitch from Github for Alibaba Cloud.
> vela def init vswitch --type component --provider alibaba --desc xxx --git --path alibaba/vswitch
# Initiate a Terraform ComponentDefinition named redis from local file for AWS.
> vela def init redis --type component --provider aws --desc "Terraform configuration for AWS Redis" --local


  -a, --alias string           Specify the alias of the new definition.
-d, --desc string Specify the description of the new definition.
--git string Specify which git repository the configuration(HCL) is stored in. Valid when --provider/-p is set.
-h, --help help for init
-i, --interactive Specify whether use interactive process to help generate definitions.
--local string Specify the local path of the configuration(HCL) file. Valid when --provider/-p is set.
-o, --output string Specify the output path of the generated definition. If empty, the definition will be printed in the console.
--path string Specify which path the configuration(HCL) is stored in the Git repository. Valid when --git is set.
-p, --provider alibaba Specify which provider the cloud resource definition belongs to. Only alibaba, `aws`, `azure`, `gcp`, `baidu`, `tencent`, `elastic`, `ucloud`, `vsphere` are supported.
-f, --template-yaml string Specify the template yaml file that definition will use to build the schema. If empty, a default template for the given definition type will be used.
-t, --type string Specify the type of the new definition. Valid types: workload, workflow-step, component, trait, policy

Options inherited from parent commands

  -V, --verbosity Level   number for the log level verbosity
-y, --yes Assume yes for all user prompts


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