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vela def render

Render X-Definition.


Render X-Definition with cue format into kubernetes YAML format. Could be used to check whether the cue format definition is working as expected. If a directory is used as input, all cue definitions in the directory will be rendered.

vela def render DEFINITION.cue [flags]


# Command below will render my-webservice.cue into YAML format and print it out.
> vela def render my-webservice.cue
# Command below will render my-webservice.cue and save it in my-webservice.yaml.
> vela def render my-webservice.cue -o my-webservice.yaml# Command below will render all cue format definitions in the ./defs/cue/ directory and save the YAML objects in ./defs/yaml/.
> vela def render ./defs/cue/ -o ./defs/yaml/


  -h, --help             help for render
--message string Specify the header message of the generated YAML file. For example, declaring author information.
-o, --output string Specify the output path of the rendered definition YAML. If empty, the definition will be printed in the console. If input is a directory, the output path is expected to be a directory as well.

Options inherited from parent commands

  -V, --verbosity Level   number for the log level verbosity
-y, --yes Assume yes for all user prompts


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