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System Info and Diagnose

Vela CLI provide a command to diagnose the system and show the system information. It can help check if the system is running in a health state.

You can:

  • run vela system info to check all detail system information
  • run vela system diagnose to diagnose system's health

Vela System Info

  1. The system info command displays the cpu and memory metrics, the numbers of ready pods and desired pods.
vela system info
expected output
NAME                            NAMESPACE       READY PODS      IMAGE                           CPU(cores)      MEMORY(bytes)   ARGS                                                         ENVS
kubevela-cluster-gateway vela-system 1/1 oamdev/cluster-gateway:v1.4.0 2m 28Mi apiserver --secure-port=9443 --secret-namespace=ve... -
kubevela-vela-core vela-system 1/1 oamdev/vela-core:latest 13m 217Mi --metrics-addr=:8080 --enable-leader-election --op... -
  1. The system info command can displays system component details when you specify it by -s.
vela system info -s kubevela-vela-core -n vela-system
expected output
annotations: "2" kubevela vela-system
creationTimestamp: "2022-08-09T15:11:20Z"
generation: 3
labels: kubevela Helm vela-core 0.1.0 vela-core vela-core-0.1.0
name: kubevela-vela-core
namespace: vela-system
resourceVersion: "658152"
uid: 1e26c04b-9f47-4a81-bc95-1694e0eb0ed0
...(omitted for brevity)
availableReplicas: 1
- lastTransitionTime: "2022-08-09T15:11:20Z"
lastUpdateTime: "2022-08-09T15:11:55Z"
message: ReplicaSet "kubevela-vela-core-d7cb9c78d" has successfully progressed.
reason: NewReplicaSetAvailable
status: "True"
type: Progressing
- lastTransitionTime: "2022-08-16T15:27:00Z"
lastUpdateTime: "2022-08-16T15:27:00Z"
message: Deployment has minimum availability.
reason: MinimumReplicasAvailable
status: "True"
type: Available
observedGeneration: 3
readyReplicas: 1
replicas: 1
updatedReplicas: 1

Vela System Diagnose

vela system diagnose will helps you to diagnose the KubeVela's health.

vela system diagnose
expected output
Diagnosing APIService of cluster-gateway...
Result: APIService of cluster-gateway is fine~
Diagnosing health of clusters...
Result: Clusters are fine~