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vela dry-run

Dry Run an application, and output the K8s resources as result to stdout


Dry-run application locally, render the Kubernetes resources as result to stdout. vela dry-run -d /definition/directory/or/file/ -f /path/to/app.yaml

You can also specify a remote url for app: vela dry-run -d /definition/directory/or/file/ -f https://remote-host/app.yaml

vela dry-run


vela dry-run


  -d, --definition string   specify a definition file or directory, it will only be used in dry-run rather than applied to K8s cluster
-e, --env string specify environment name for application
-f, --file string application file name (default "./app.yaml")
-h, --help help for dry-run
-n, --namespace string specify the Kubernetes namespace to use
--offline dry-run Run dry-run in offline / local mode, all validation steps will be skipped

Options inherited from parent commands

  -y, --yes   Assume yes for all user prompts


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