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Create a lightweight web service based on Terraform under AliCloud's VPC, including: EIP, SLB, ECS, RDS。


availability_zoneThe available zone to launch modules。stringfalse
available_disk_categoryThe specification of available disk category。stringfalse
categoryThe specification of the category。stringfalse
data_disks_nameThe name of the data disk。stringfalse
descriptionThe specification of module description。stringfalse
ecs_sizeThe specification of the ecs size。numberfalse
eip_bandwidthThe specification of the eip bandwidth。stringfalse
eip_internet_charge_typeThe specification of the eip internet charge type。stringfalse
encryptedEncrypted the data in this disk。boolfalse
engineThe specification of the engine。stringfalse
engine_versionThe specification of the engine version。stringfalse
image_idThe specification of the image id。stringfalse
instance_charge_typeThe specification of the instance charge type。stringfalse
instance_storageThe specification of the instance storage。stringfalse
instance_typeThe specification of the instance type。stringfalse
internet_max_bandwidth_outThe specification of the internet max bandwidth out。numberfalse
monitoring_periodThe specification of the monitoring period。stringfalse
nameThe specification of module name。stringfalse
rds_instance_typeThe specification of the rds instance type。stringfalse
security_group_idsA list of security group ids to associate with。list(string)false
slb_address_typeThe specification of the slb intranet。stringfalse
slb_specThe specification of the slb spec。stringfalse
slb_tags_infoThe specification of the slb tags info。stringfalse
system_disk_categoryThe specification of the system disk category。stringfalse
system_disk_descriptionThe specification of the system disk description。stringfalse
system_disk_nameThe specification of the system disk name。stringfalse
vswitch_idVSwitch variables, if vswitch_id is empty, then the net_type = classic。stringfalse
writeConnectionSecretToRefThe secret which the cloud resource connection will be written to。writeConnectionSecretToReffalse


nameThe secret name which the cloud resource connection will be written to。stringtrue
namespaceThe secret namespace which the cloud resource connection will be written to。stringfalse