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allocated_storageThe allocated storage in gigabytesstringfalse
allow_major_version_upgradeIndicates that major version upgrades are allowed. Changing this parameter does not result in an outage and the change is asynchronously applied as soon as possibleboolfalse
apply_immediatelySpecifies whether any database modifications are applied immediately, or during the next maintenance windowboolfalse
auto_minor_version_upgradeIndicates that minor engine upgrades will be applied automatically to the DB instance during the maintenance windowboolfalse
availability_zoneThe Availability Zone of the RDS instancestringfalse
backup_retention_periodThe days to retain backups fornumberfalse
backup_windowThe daily time range (in UTC) during which automated backups are created if they are enabled. Example: '09:46-10:16'. Must not overlap with maintenance_windowstringfalse
ca_cert_identifierSpecifies the identifier of the CA certificate for the DB instancestringfalse
character_set_nameThe character set name to use for DB encoding in Oracle instances. This can't be changed. See Oracle Character Sets Supported in Amazon RDS and Collations and Character Sets for Microsoft SQL Server for more information. This can only be set on creationstringfalse
cloudwatch_log_group_kms_key_idThe ARN of the KMS Key to use when encrypting log datastringfalse
cloudwatch_log_group_retention_in_daysThe number of days to retain CloudWatch logs for the DB instancenumberfalse
copy_tags_to_snapshotOn delete, copy all Instance tags to the final snapshotboolfalse
create_cloudwatch_log_groupDetermines whether a CloudWatch log group is created for each enabled_cloudwatch_logs_exportsboolfalse
create_db_instanceWhether to create a database instanceboolfalse
create_db_option_groupCreate a database option groupboolfalse
create_db_parameter_groupWhether to create a database parameter groupboolfalse
create_db_subnet_groupWhether to create a database subnet groupboolfalse
create_monitoring_roleCreate IAM role with a defined name that permits RDS to send enhanced monitoring metrics to CloudWatch Logsboolfalse
create_random_passwordWhether to create random password for RDS primary clusterboolfalse
db_instance_tagsAdditional tags for the DB instancemap(string)false
db_nameThe DB name to create. If omitted, no database is created initiallystringfalse
db_option_group_tagsAdditional tags for the DB option groupmap(string)false
db_parameter_group_tagsAdditional tags for the DB parameter groupmap(string)false
db_subnet_group_descriptionDescription of the DB subnet group to createstringfalse
db_subnet_group_nameName of DB subnet group. DB instance will be created in the VPC associated with the DB subnet group. If unspecified, will be created in the default VPCstringfalse
db_subnet_group_tagsAdditional tags for the DB subnet groupmap(string)false
db_subnet_group_use_name_prefixDetermines whether to use subnet_group_name as is or create a unique name beginning with the subnet_group_name as the prefixboolfalse
delete_automated_backupsSpecifies whether to remove automated backups immediately after the DB instance is deletedboolfalse
deletion_protectionThe database can't be deleted when this value is set to trueboolfalse
domainThe ID of the Directory Service Active Directory domain to create the instance instringfalse
domain_iam_role_name(Required if domain is provided) The name of the IAM role to be used when making API calls to the Directory Servicestringfalse
enabled_cloudwatch_logs_exportsList of log types to enable for exporting to CloudWatch logs. If omitted, no logs will be exported. Valid values (depending on engine): alert, audit, error, general, listener, slowquery, trace, postgresql (PostgreSQL), upgrade (PostgreSQL)list(string)false
engineThe database engine to usestringfalse
engine_versionThe engine version to usestringfalse
familyThe family of the DB parameter groupstringfalse
final_snapshot_identifier_prefixThe name which is prefixed to the final snapshot on cluster destroystringfalse
iam_database_authentication_enabledSpecifies whether or not the mappings of AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) accounts to database accounts are enabledboolfalse
identifierThe name of the RDS instancestringtrue
instance_classThe instance type of the RDS instancestringfalse
iopsThe amount of provisioned IOPS. Setting this implies a storage_type of 'io1'numberfalse
kms_key_idThe ARN for the KMS encryption key. If creating an encrypted replica, set this to the destination KMS ARN. If storage_encrypted is set to true and kms_key_id is not specified the default KMS key created in your account will be usedstringfalse
license_modelLicense model information for this DB instance. Optional, but required for some DB engines, i.e. Oracle SE1stringfalse
maintenance_windowThe window to perform maintenance in. Syntax: 'ddd:hh24:mi-ddd:hh24:mi'. Eg: 'Mon:00:00-Mon:03:00'stringfalse
major_engine_versionSpecifies the major version of the engine that this option group should be associated withstringfalse
max_allocated_storageSpecifies the value for Storage Autoscalingnumberfalse
monitoring_intervalThe interval, in seconds, between points when Enhanced Monitoring metrics are collected for the DB instance. To disable collecting Enhanced Monitoring metrics, specify 0. The default is 0. Valid Values: 0, 1, 5, 10, 15, 30, 60numberfalse
monitoring_role_arnThe ARN for the IAM role that permits RDS to send enhanced monitoring metrics to CloudWatch Logs. Must be specified if monitoring_interval is non-zerostringfalse
monitoring_role_descriptionDescription of the monitoring IAM rolestringfalse
monitoring_role_nameName of the IAM role which will be created when create_monitoring_role is enabledstringfalse
multi_azSpecifies if the RDS instance is multi-AZboolfalse
option_group_descriptionThe description of the option groupstringfalse
option_group_nameName of the option groupstringfalse
option_group_timeoutsDefine maximum timeout for deletion of aws_db_option_group resourcemap(string)false
option_group_use_name_prefixDetermines whether to use option_group_name as is or create a unique name beginning with the option_group_name as the prefixboolfalse
optionsA list of Options to applyanyfalse
parameter_group_descriptionDescription of the DB parameter group to createstringfalse
parameter_group_nameName of the DB parameter group to associate or createstringfalse
parameter_group_use_name_prefixDetermines whether to use parameter_group_name as is or create a unique name beginning with the parameter_group_name as the prefixboolfalse
parametersA list of DB parameters (map) to applylist(map(string))false
passwordPassword for the master DB user. Note that this may show up in logs, and it will be stored in the state filestringfalse
performance_insights_enabledSpecifies whether Performance Insights are enabledboolfalse
performance_insights_kms_key_idThe ARN for the KMS key to encrypt Performance Insights datastringfalse
performance_insights_retention_periodThe amount of time in days to retain Performance Insights data. Either 7 (7 days) or 731 (2 years)numberfalse
portThe port on which the DB accepts connectionsstringfalse
publicly_accessibleBool to control if instance is publicly accessibleboolfalse
putin_khuyloDo you agree that Putin doesn't respect Ukrainian sovereignty and territorial integrity? More info:!boolfalse
random_password_lengthLength of random password to createnumberfalse
replica_modeSpecifies whether the replica is in either mounted or open-read-only mode. This attribute is only supported by Oracle instances. Oracle replicas operate in open-read-only mode unless otherwise specifiedstringfalse
replicate_source_dbSpecifies that this resource is a Replicate database, and to use this value as the source database. This correlates to the identifier of another Amazon RDS Database to replicatestringfalse
restore_to_point_in_timeRestore to a point in time (MySQL is NOT supported)map(string)false
s3_importRestore from a Percona Xtrabackup in S3 (only MySQL is supported)map(string)false
skip_final_snapshotDetermines whether a final DB snapshot is created before the DB instance is deleted. If true is specified, no DBSnapshot is created. If false is specified, a DB snapshot is created before the DB instance is deletedboolfalse
snapshot_identifierSpecifies whether or not to create this database from a snapshot. This correlates to the snapshot ID you'd find in the RDS console, e.g: rds:production-2015-06-26-06-05stringfalse
storage_encryptedSpecifies whether the DB instance is encryptedboolfalse
storage_typeOne of 'standard' (magnetic), 'gp2' (general purpose SSD), or 'io1' (provisioned IOPS SSD). The default is 'io1' if iops is specified, 'gp2' if notstringfalse
subnet_idsA list of VPC subnet IDslist(string)false
tagsA mapping of tags to assign to all resourcesmap(string)false
timeoutsUpdated Terraform resource management timeouts. Applies to aws_db_instance in particular to permit resource management timesmap(string)false
timezoneTime zone of the DB instance. timezone is currently only supported by Microsoft SQL Server. The timezone can only be set on creation. See MSSQL User Guide for more informationstringfalse
usernameUsername for the master DB userstringfalse
vpc_security_group_idsList of VPC security groups to associatelist(string)false
writeConnectionSecretToRefThe secret which the cloud resource connection will be written towriteConnectionSecretToReffalse


nameThe secret name which the cloud resource connection will be written tostringtrue
namespaceThe secret namespace which the cloud resource connection will be written tostringfalse