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阿里云 EIP


Bind and unbind hundreds of EIPs to multiple cloud resources with one click based on Terraform。


kind: Application
name: provision-cloud-resource-eip
- name: sample-eip
type: alibaba-eip
name: eip-conn


bandwidthMaximum bandwidth to the elastic public network, measured in Mbps (Mega bit per second)。numberfalse
computed_instancesList of ECS, NAT, SLB or NetworkInterface instances created by calling Corresponding ​​resource。list(object({\n instance_type = string\n instance_ids = list(string)\n private_ips = list(string)\n }))false
createWhether to create an EIP instance and whether to associate EIP with other resources。boolfalse
descriptionDescription of the EIP, This description can have a string of 2 to 256 characters, It cannot begin with http:// or https://. Default value is null。stringfalse
instance_charge_type(Deprecated from version 1.3.0) Elastic IP instance charge type. Use payment_type instead。stringfalse
instancesA list of instances found by the condition. If this parameter is used, number_of_eips will be ignored。list(object({\n instance_type = string\n instance_ids = list(string)\n private_ips = list(string)\n }))false
internet_charge_typeInternet charge type of the EIP, Valid values are PayByBandwidth, PayByTrafficstringfalse
ispThe line type of the Elastic IP instance。stringfalse
nameName to be used on all resources as prefix. Default to 'TF-Module-EIP'. The final default name would be TF-Module-EIP001, TF-Module-EIP002 and so on。stringfalse
number_of_computed_instancesThe number of instances created by calling the API. If this parameter is used, number_of_eips will be ignored。numberfalse
number_of_eipsThe number of eip to be created. This parameter will be ignored if number_of_computed_instances and instances is used。numberfalse
payment_typeThe billing method of the NAT gateway。stringfalse
periodThe duration that you will buy the resource, in month。numberfalse
profile(Deprecated from version 1.2.0) The profile name as set in the shared credentials file. If not set, it will be sourced from the ALICLOUD_PROFILE environment variable。stringfalse
region(Deprecated from version 1.2.0) The region used to launch this module resources。stringfalse
resource_group_idThe Id of resource group which the eip belongs。stringfalse
shared_credentials_file(Deprecated from version 1.2.0) This is the path to the shared credentials file. If this is not set and a profile is specified, $HOME/.aliyun/config.json will be used。stringfalse
skip_region_validation(Deprecated from version 1.2.0) Skip static validation of region ID. Used by users of alternative AlibabaCloud-like APIs or users w/ access to regions that are not public (yet)。boolfalse
tagsA mapping of tags to assign to the EIP instance resource。map(string)false
use_num_suffixAlways append numerical suffix to instance name, even if number_of_instances is 1。boolfalse
writeConnectionSecretToRefThe secret which the cloud resource connection will be written to。writeConnectionSecretToReffalse


nameThe secret name which the cloud resource connection will be written to。stringtrue
namespaceThe secret namespace which the cloud resource connection will be written to。stringfalse