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Version: v1.9

vela delete

Delete an application.


Delete applications

Delete KubeVela applications. KubeVela application deletion is associated with the recycle of underlying resources. By default, the resources created by the KubeVela application will be deleted once it is not in use or the application is deleted. There is garbage-collect policy in KubeVela application that you can use to configure customized recycle rules.

This command supports delete application in various modes. Natively, you can use it like "kubectl delete app [app-name]". In the cases you only want to delete the application but leave the resources there, you can use the --orphan parameter. In the cases the server-side controller is uninstalled, or you want to manually skip some errors in the deletion process (like lack privileges or handle cluster disconnection), you can use the --force parameter.

vela delete


  # Delete an application
vela delete my-app

# Delete multiple applications in a namespace
vela delete app-1 app-2 -n example

# Delete all applications in one namespace
vela delete -n example --all

# Delete application without waiting to be deleted
vela delete my-app --wait=false

# Delete application without confirmation
vela delete my-app -y

# Force delete application at client-side
vela delete my-app -f

# Delete application by orphaning resources and skip recycling them
vela delete my-app --orphan

# Delete application interactively
vela delete my-app -i


      --all                delete all the application under the given namespace
-e, --env string The environment name for the CLI request
-f, --force force delete the application
-h, --help help for delete
-i, --interactive delete the application interactively
-n, --namespace string If present, the namespace scope for this CLI request
-o, --orphan delete the application and orphan managed resources
-w, --wait wait util the application is deleted completely (default true)

Options inherited from parent commands

  -V, --verbosity Level   number for the log level verbosity
-y, --yes Assume yes for all user prompts


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