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TerraformAWSacmTerraform module which creates and validates ACM certificatefalse
albTerraform module to create an AWS Application/Network Load Balancer (ALB/NLB) and associated resourcesfalse
autoscalingTerraform module which creates Auto Scaling resources on AWSfalse
bridgecrew read onlyBridgecrew READ ONLY integration modulefalse
cis alarmsTerraform module which creates Cloudwatch resources on AWSfalse
cloudfrontTerraform module which creates CloudFront resources on AWSfalse
cloudfront s3 cdnTerraform module to easily provision CloudFront CDN backed by an S3 originfalse
cloudwatch cis alarmsTerraform module which creates Cloudwatch resources on AWSfalse
cloudwatch log groupfalse
cloudwatch log metric filterfalse
cloudwatch metric alarmfalse
cloudwatch metric alarmsfalse
cloudwatch metric alarms by multiple dimensionsfalse
configThis module configures AWS Config, a service that enables you to assess, audit, and evaluate the configurations of your AWS resources.false
delegation setsTerraform module which creates Route53 resources on AWSfalse
dynamodb tableTerraform module which creates DynamoDB table on AWSfalse
ec2 instanceTerraform module which creates EC2 instance(s) on AWSfalse
ecsTerraform module which creates AWS ECS resourcesfalse
ecs container definitionTerraform module to generate well-formed JSON documents (container definitions) that are passed to the aws_ecs_task_definition Terraform resourcefalse
eksTerraform module to create an Elastic Kubernetes (EKS) cluster and associated worker instances on AWSfalse
eks cluster autoscalerAWS Eks-Cluster-Autoscalerfalse
eks external dnsAWS Eks-External-Dnsfalse
eks kube state metricsAWS Eks-Kube-State-Metricsfalse
eks node problem detectorA terraform module to deploy a node problem detector on Amazon EKS clusterfalse
elasticache redisTerraform module to provision an ElastiCache Redis Clusterfalse
elbTerraform module which creates ELB resources on AWSfalse
emrTerraform module which creates EMR on AWSfalse
guarddutyTerraform module to provision AWS Guard Dutyfalse
iam accountTerraform module which creates IAM resources on AWSfalse
iam assumable rolefalse
iam assumable role with oidcfalse
iam assumable role with samlfalse
iam assumable rolesfalse
iam assumable roles with samlfalse
iam eks rolefalse
iam group with assumable roles policyfalse
iam group with policiesfalse
iam nofileTerraform module Terraform module for creating AWS IAM Roles with heredocsfalse
iam policyTerraform module which creates IAM resources on AWSfalse
iam policy document aggregatorTerraform module to aggregate multiple IAM policy documents into single policy document.false
iam read only policyfalse
iam roleA Terraform module that creates IAM role with provided JSON IAM polices documents.false
iam s3 userTerraform module to provision a basic IAM user with permissions to access S3 resources, e.g. to give the user read/write/delete access to the objects in an S3 bucketfalse
iam system userTerraform Module to Provision a Basic IAM System User Suitable for CI/CD Systems (E.g. TravisCI, CircleCI)false
iam userTerraform module which creates IAM resources on AWSfalse
key pairTerraform module which creates EC2 key pair on AWSfalse
kms keyTerraform module to provision a KMS key with aliasfalse
lambdaTerraform module, which takes care of a lot of AWS Lambda/serverless tasks (build dependencies, packages, updates, deployments) in countless combinationsfalse
lambda do it allTerraform module to provision a lambda with full permissionsfalse
lambda with inline codeTerraform module creating a Lambda function with inline codefalse
log groupTerraform module which creates Cloudwatch resources on AWSfalse
log metric filterfalse
metric alarmfalse
metric alarms by multiple dimensionsfalse
mqAWS MQfalse
notify slackTerraform module which creates SNS topic and Lambda function which sends notifications to Slackfalse
rdsAWS RDSfalse
rds auroraTerraform module which creates RDS Aurora resources on AWSfalse
recordsTerraform module which creates Route53 resources on AWSfalse
route53 aliasTerraform Module to Define Vanity Host/Domain (e.g. ) as an ALIAS recordfalse
route53 cluster hostnameTerraform module to define a consistent AWS Route53 hostnamefalse
route53 delegation setsTerraform module which creates Route53 resources on AWSfalse
route53 recordsfalse
route53 zonesfalse
s3Terraform configuration for AWS S3false
s3 log storageThis module creates an S3 bucket suitable for receiving logs from other AWS services such as S3, CloudFront, and CloudTrailfalse
secretsmanager for rollbar access tokensTerraform module creating a SecretsManager for Rollbar project access tokensfalse
security groupTerraform module which creates EC2-VPC security groups on AWSfalse
security hubTerraform module to provision AWS Security Hubfalse
sns topicTerraform Module to Provide an Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS)false
sqsTerraform module which creates SQS resources on AWSfalse
ssm parameter storeTerraform module to populate AWS Systems Manager (SSM) Parameter Store with values from Terraform. Works great with Chamber.false
subnetAWS Subnetfalse
utilsUtility functions for use with Terraform in the AWS environmentfalse
vpcAWS VPCfalse
zonesTerraform module which creates Route53 resources on AWSfalse
Azuredatabase mariadbTerraform configuration for Azure Database Mariadbfalse
resource groupAzure Resource Groupfalse
storage accountTerraform configuration for Azure Blob Storage Accountfalse
subnetAzure Subnetfalse
virtual networkAzure Virtual Networkfalse
Google Cloud PlatformappengineGet your container running, simply.false
audit logTerraform module for configuring an integration with Google Cloud Platform Organziations and Projects for Audit Logs analysisfalse
backend serviceCreate an ILB to be used for DC/OS for GCPfalse
basic vpc moduleGCP Basic_vpc_modulefalse
bastionBastion for GCPfalse
bootstrapCreate a DC/OS Bootstrap instance and have conditional DC/OS prereqs for gcpfalse
cloudfunctionFor your cloud functions to GCPfalse
cloudsqlA module to create a private database setupfalse
clusterSet up a GKE cluster connected as part of shared VPCfalse
compute firewallCreate an ELB to be used for DC/OS for GCPfalse
compute forwarding ruleGCP Compute-Forwarding-Rulefalse
compute forwarding rule dcosThis module creates forwarding rules for DC/OS.false
compute forwarding rule mastersCreates an GCP forwarding rule for DC/OS mastersfalse
compute forwarding rule public agentsThis module creates an GCP forwarding rule for DC/OS public agentsfalse
configTerraform module for integrating Google Cloud Platform Organziations and Projects with Lacework for cloud resource configuration assessmentfalse
custom roleBase IAM role module to create GCP IAM Role from other roles and adhoc permissionsfalse
dcosCreates a DC/OS Cluster on GCP Convenience Wrapper for GCPfalse
dns moduleGCP Dns-Modulefalse
elasticsearchTerraform module for deploying Elasticsearch cluster on GCPfalse
environment setupIAC for provisioning Infrastructure component like network, subnetworks, routefalse
firewall rulesTerraform module for creating Firewall rules on Google Cloudfalse
gciManages GCP compute engine instancefalse
gcsGCP Gcsfalse
gke ecommerceGoogle Kubernetes Engine starter kit to bootstrap an e-commerce site based on microservicesfalse
gke regionalUsing Terraform to create a regional GKE cluster (Hosted Kubernetes offering of GCP)false
googlecomputeinstanceFirst step using GCP and Terraformfalse
hashicorp suiteTerraform module to run Nomad on Google Cloudfalse
helmrepoA helm repositoryfalse
infrastructureCreate DC/OS related GCP Infrastructurefalse
instanceGCP Instancefalse
instance moduleLazy GCP instance via Terraformfalse
kthwKubernetes Cluster On GCP with Terraformfalse
mastersCreate DC/OS Master instance and have conditional DC/OS Prereqs for GCPfalse
memorystore redisTerraform gcp memorystore redis examplefalse
mqGCP MQfalse
networkTerraform configuration for GCP networkfalse
network peeringGCP Network-Peeringfalse
openwispTerraform files for deploying docker-openwisp infrastructure in Google Cloud.false
private agentsCreate DC/OS Private Agents instance and have conditional DC/OS Prereqs for gcpfalse
public agentsCreate DC/OS Public Agents instance and have conditional DC/OS prereqs for gcpfalse
serviceCreates a GCP service userfalse
service accountTerraform module that creates a service account to provide Lacework read-only access to Google Cloud Platform Organizations and Projectsfalse
sfabricTerraform module for launching a Service Fabric Dev Environment on GCPfalse
statebucketContains a module to create a statebucket for use with Terraformfalse
staticipA simple Terraform module to build an instance a static public IPfalse
storageA basic terraform module example, which the example uses for a helm repofalse
subnetTerraform module for creating Subnets on Google Cloudfalse
tested osesGCP Tested-Osesfalse
vpcTerraform module for creating VPCs on Google Cloudfalse
Elastic Cloudec deploymentProvides an Elastic Cloud deployment resource, which allows deployments to be created, updated, and deleted.true
VMware vSpherefileThe vSphere resource used to upload files (such as ISOs and virtual disk files) from the host machine that Terraform is running on to a datastore.ture
folderThe vSphere resource used to manage vSphere inventory folders.true
百度云vpcBaidu Cloud VPCfalse
腾讯云subnetTencent Cloud Subnetfalse
vpcTerraform configuration for Tencent Cloud VPCfalse
阿里云ackTerraform configuration for Alibaba Cloud ACK clustertrue
amqpTerraform configuration for Alibaba Cloud AMQP(RabbitMQ)false
askTerraform configuration for Alibaba Cloud Serverless Kubernetes (ASK)true
deploy websiteDeploy a Static Website in object stroage, like S3 and OSStrue
dnsTerraform configuration for Alibaba Cloud DNSfalse
eipTerraform configuration for Alibaba Cloud Elastic IPtrue
eip slb ecs rdsCreate a lightweight web service based on Terraform under AliCloud's VPC, including: EIP, SLB, ECS, RDSfalse
kmsCreate KMS on AliCloud based on Terraform modulefalse
kubernetes networkingCreate a set of network environment related resources for Kubernetes clusters on AliCloud based on Terraform modulefalse
market tensorflowBased on Terraform module, create ECS instances on Ali cloud to achieve one-click deployment of cloud marketplace Tensorflowfalse
mns queueCreate a queue instance based on the Terraform modulefalse
mns topicCreate a topic and a subscription based on Terraform modulefalse
mongodbAlibaba Cloud MongoDBfalse
mongodb multiTerraform-based module for creating a MongoDB cloud database under AliCloud VPCfalse
mseTerraform configuration for Alibaba Cloud MSEfalse
nasTerraform configuration for Alicloud NASfalse
network with natBuild VPC and Nat gateway network environment and bind EIP, add SNAT and DNAT entries on AliCloud based on Terraform modulefalse
ossTerraform configuration for Alibaba Cloud OSStrue
oss websiteAlibaba Cloud OSS static webstie buckettrue
private zoneTerraform-based modules are used to create a Private Zone on AliCloud, while you can add records to the Zone and associate it with a VPCfalse
rabbitmqCreate a RabbitMQ based on Terraform module in Ali cloudfalse
ramCreate RAM User instances on AliCloud based on Terraform modulefalse
ram fcCreate a functional computing service based on Terraform under AliCloud's RAM rolefalse
rdsTerraform configuration for Alibaba Cloud RDStrue
rds previewAlibaba RDS in a preview modetrue
redisTerraform configuration for Alibaba Cloud Redistrue
remote backendDeploy remote backend storage in Aliyun based on Terraform modulefalse
rocketmqTerraform configuration for Alibaba Cloud RocketMQfalse
sae applicationAlibaba SAE applicationfalse
sae auto config applicationAlibaba SAE application to be deployed in auto-config modefalse
sae namespaceAlibaba SAE namespacefalse
security groupTerraform configuration for Alicloud SecurityGroupfalse
slbTerraform configuration for Alicloud SLBfalse
slb aclTerraform-based module supports creating access control lists for load balancersfalse
slb listenerQuickly create slb listeners resources on AliCloud based on Terraform modulefalse
slb ruleTerraform-based module creates an SLB instance under AliCloud's VPC and configures rulesfalse
sls projectTerraform configuration for Alibaba Cloud SLS Projecttrue
sls storeTerraform configuration for Alibaba Cloud SLS Storetrue
vpcTerraform configuration for Alibaba Cloud VPCtrue
vpc ecs eipCreate a lightweight WEB service based on Terraform under AliCloud's VPC, including: VPC, ECS, EIPfalse
vpc privatelink connectionTerraform-based for creating VPC networks in AliCloud and creating private network linksfalse
vpn gatewayCreate VPN resources on AliCloud based on Terraform modulefalse
vswitchTerraform configuration for Alibaba Cloud VSwitchtrue