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Customize Addon

Addon can be used to manage and extend KubeVela platform capabilities. Users and install/uninstall addons on KubeVela via UI/CLI interfaces. Addons can be stored and discovered via addon registries.

By default, KubeVela community maintains an official addon registry with some official addons. Users can add their own addons and registries.

Addon Registry#

Addon registry is a place to upload and store addons, or discover and download addons. An addon registry is either a Git repo or an Object Storage bucket by now. You can see what a registry looks like by visiting the official registry.

You can manage addon registries via UI/CLI. Here is how to add a registry on UI:


Addon Format#

Each addon contains X-Definitions, application controller and component resource templates, and its self description. You can see what an addon looks like by checking out this example addon.

An addon must obey the following directory structure:

  • template.yaml: contains the basic app, you can add some component and workflow to meet your requirements. Other files in resources/ and definitions/ will be rendered as Components and appended in spec.components
  • metadata.yaml: contains addon metadata information.
  • definitions/: contains the X-Definition yaml/cue files. These file will be rendered as KubeVela Component in template.yaml
  • resources/:
    • parameter.cue to expose parameters. It will be converted to JSON schema and rendered in UI forms.
    • All other files will be rendered as KubeVela Components. It can be one of the two types:
      • YAML file that contains only one resource. This will be rendered as a raw component
      • CUE template file that can read user input as parameter.XXX as defined parameter.cue. Basically the CUE template file will be combined with parameter.cue to render a resource. You can specify the type and trait in this format

Once an addon is uploaded to the registry, you can manage addons via UI/CLI. Here is how it looks lik on UI:


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