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Extend Terraform Addon

Terraform Controller is the core controller to provision and manage cloud resources for KubeVela. It has supported some cloud providers, including AWS, Azure, GCP, Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud, etc. But only a few has been supported as Terraform Addons in KubeVela.

This guide will show you how to extend a Terraform Addon to support your cloud provider.

Choose a Cloud Provider

If the cloud provider you want to support is none of supported cloud providers in Terraform Controller, you have to support it first. If it has been supported by Terraform Controller, you can continue to extend the addon.

Prepare metadata for the Cloud Provider

  • Clone oam-dev/catalog
$ git clone
  • Prepare a metadata file

Edit the metadata file hack/addons/terraform/terraform-provider-scaffold/metadata.yaml for your cloud provider.


# -------------------------------------Configuration Metadata for a Terraform Addon-------------------------------------
# provider short name
shortCloudName: tencent

# The Cloud name of the provider
completeCloudName: Tencent Cloud

# When enabling a Terraform provider, these properties need to set for authentication. For Tencent Cloud,
# name: Environment variable name when authenticating Terraform, like
# secretKey: Secret key when storing authentication information in a Kubernetes, like
secretKey: secretID
description: Get TENCENTCLOUD_SECRET_ID per this guide
secretKey: secretKey
description: Get TENCENTCLOUD_SECRET_KEY per this guide
# If one property is region, please set `isRegion` to true
description: Get TENCENTCLOUD_REGION by picking one RegionId from Tencent Cloud region list
isRegion: true

Generate a Terraform Addon

Generate a Terraform Addon for your cloud provider. The generated addon code will be stored in addons/terraform-tencent.

$ make terraform-addon-gen
go run hack/addons/terraform/gen.go hack/addons/terraform/provider-sample.yaml
Generating addon for provider tencent in addons/terraform-tencent
Rendering hack/addons/terraform/terraform-provider-skaffold/metadata.yaml
Rendering hack/addons/terraform/terraform-provider-skaffold/
Rendering hack/addons/terraform/terraform-provider-skaffold/resources/account-creds.cue
Rendering hack/addons/terraform/terraform-provider-skaffold/resources/parameter.cue
Rendering hack/addons/terraform/terraform-provider-skaffold/resources/provider.cue
Rendering hack/addons/terraform/terraform-provider-skaffold/template.yaml

$ ls addons/terraform-tencent
definitions metadata.yaml resources template.yaml

Verify the Terraform Addon

Enable the addon Check whether a Provider is created whose name is the same as your cloud provider.

$ vela addon enable ./addons/terraform-tencent TENCENTCLOUD_SECRET_ID=xxx TENCENTCLOUD_SECRET_KEY=yyy TENCENTCLOUD_REGION=ap-chengdu
I0207 10:15:14.005269 32481 apply.go:106] "patching object" name="addon-terraform-tencent" resource=", Kind=Application"
I0207 10:15:14.138645 32481 apply.go:106] "patching object" name="addon-secret-terraform-tencent" resource="/v1, Kind=Secret"
Addon: terraform-tencent enabled Successfully.

$ kubectl get provider
tencent ready 1d

You are encouraged to further verify the provider by provision a cloud resource of your cloud provider.

Submit the Terraform Addon

Push the code generated in ./addons and make a pull request.

Contribute documentation

Write Terraform Addon enable doc for your cloud provider and add it to all supported cloud providers.