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Version: v1.7

Developer Overview

The developer guide including two parts:

  1. The first part is extension guide that introduces how to extend KubeVela, you are also very welcome to contribute your extension to the community.
  2. The second part is contribution guide that introduces how to participate and contribute to the community.

Extension Guide

This part is a guide to help you extend capabilities for KubeVela. Make sure you have already understand the core concepts before you start.

Extend Addons

Building or installing addons is the most important way to extend KubeVela, there's a growing catalog of addons you can choose for installation. You can also share your platform extension by KubeVela addon registry.

Learn CUE to extend more powerful features

KubeVela use CUE as it's core engine, and you can use CUE and CRD controller to glue almost every infrastructure capabilities. As a result, you can extend more powerful features for your platform.

Contribution Guide

KubeVela project is initialized and maintained by the cloud native community since day 0 with bootstrapping contributors from 8+ different organizations. We intend for KubeVela to have an open governance since the very beginning and donate the project to neutral foundation as soon as it's released.

To help us create a safe and positive community experience for all, we require all participants adhere to the CNCF Community Code of Conduct.

This part is a guide to help you through the process of contributing to KubeVela.

Become a contributor

You can contribute to KubeVela in several ways including code and non-code contributions, we appreciate every effort you contribute to the community. Here are some examples:

  • Contribute to the codebase and docs.
  • Report and triage issues.
  • Organize meetups and user groups in your local area.
  • Help others by answering questions about KubeVela.

Non-code contribution

The Apache way says "Community Over Code". Although KubeVela is a CNCF/Linux project, we possess a strong resonance to it. To second and stretch this merit deeper, we regard non-coding contribution as equally important with code contribution for the community's very existence and its future growth.

Code contribution

Unsure where to begin contributing to KubeVela codebase? Start by browsing issues labeled good first issue or help wanted.

Learn the Release Process And Cadence to know when your code changes will be released.

Become a community member

If you're interested to become a community member or learn more about the governance, please check the community membership for details.

Contribute to other community projects

Enjoy coding and collaboration in OSS world!