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Version: v1.7


The goal of KubeVela is to make deploying and operating applications across today's hybrid, multi-cloud environments easier, faster and more reliable. We will make effort on the following aspects to make the goal achievable:

  • Provide a modular, extensible, and portable control plane for modeling application deployment with higher level yet consistent API. The control plane can both adapt to the existing infrastructure and extend with the fast growing cloud native ecosystem as reusable building blocks.
  • Enable simple and robust application delivery across hybrid environments including Kubernetes, cloud, or even IoT devices. This also enables you to have a vendor agnostic application platform.
  • Build an open, inclusive, and vibrant OSS developer community focused on solving real-world application delivery and operation problems, sharing the reusable building blocks and best practices.

They're aligned with the roadmap direction for the next three years. As for the detailed roadmap, we'll update and list below.

KubeVela follows the release process and cadence guide that actions may not be strictly consistent with the roadmap.

We may adjust the milestone according to the input from community meeting and github issues, all community members are expected to join the discussion. You can refer to the github milestones for the final decisions.